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You Are Allowed To Evolve

Updated: May 9

Social media platforms, coaches, and influencers put a lot of pressure on creatives to niche down and stay in their lane for the sake of social media growth. Thankfully there's been an energetic shift in creatives and we're little rebels at heart.

"Niching down is the death of art."  Mariana Durst of Mariana Durst Studio

I recently created a painting that I titled "Your Evolution" with a handwritten affirmation on the back that says "You are free to evolve into who you want to be." I woke up thinking about that painting today and about the message.

This piece has already sold, but there are a few others with beautiful affirmations from the same collection available here.

Evolution IS the path for artist's (for humans?).

So if you're in a place where you're questing yourself (or stuck in imposter syndrome) it might be that you're actually in the middle of another evolution and you just need to give yourself time. Let the dust settle and your vision will clear. Then you'll be able to move forward in the right direction that was meant for you all along.

It's like trying to drive in snow or rain with your high beams on. The light only illuminates the chaos and danger in front of you. But when the storm passes, those high beams shine onto a clear path.

Here's a look at my art from 2021 when I first launched my art biz:

And here's a look at how my work has evolved since then:

And that's not including the work I've been quietly hiding away from the world for the past couple months, which is even more abstracted and colorful.

Give yourself permission to evolve. Your evolution is what keeps our beautiful world spinning. We need your Next.



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