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A collection of mixed media paintings about breaking through the cognitive dissonance of wanting to be seen, and yet at the same time, believing it's much safer to stay put in the comfort of your small hiding place. These works are about stretching your wings and jumping out of the nest, and despite it all, finding safety in the 〰️ f r e e f a l l

Each painting has it's own handwritten affiramtion that flowed out of my creative and mediation process during this collection. 

My meditation process focused on big topics like creating inner regulation and healing, moving beyond the search for safety and security and into the ability to Dream, recognizing and dispelling patterns of lack and low self worth, and creating Vision. By sharing my art with you I'm also sharing my breakthrough with you, what's mine is yours, friend. 

“As artists, we seek to restore our childlike perception: a more innocent state of wonder and appreciation not tethered to utility or survival.” – Rick Rubin, “The Creative Act”

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