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Listen to me on the Do It For The Process Podcast

Episode 103: Blending Motherhood & Creativity

I'm beyond honored to be a guest on the Do It For The Process Podcast by Emily Jeffords. Full disclosure, I work for Emily! I'm her community manager and in this special conversation you'll hear Emily, myself, and my co-worker and dear friend, Cait, chat about how to blend motherhood and creativity.

I've been listening to this podcast for YEARS so it's a wild experience to hear my voice on this latest episode. Whether you're a parent, a caregiver, or just managing a lot of roles in your life there's so much to glean from this interview. We talk in depth about:

– matrescence: the journey of moving from maiden to mother

– finding an identity outside of motherhood

– tips for prioritizing creativity in the midst of busyness

– tips for actually growing a business with young kids

– and more!

If you're looking for permission to go for more, or soul-deep encouragement in your journey, it's waiting for you here:


Hear even more about my creative process and how I manage my roles as working-mother, artist, and tee-tiny business owner over on the Dreams of Source Podcast:



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