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Shop Originals

All of these fresh and nostalgic blue florals are created from the relentless pursuit of transmuting big feelings into lightness, ease, and contentment. Trading fear and chaos for the realization of the abundant goodness still present in this wild and wonderful world.

The Color blue helps us process our fears and grief; blue helps us express those deep emotions, but then ushers us into a place of joy and resolve. Blue is sky and water, it is peace and safety, it is midnight and dawn, both expansive and grounding. 

See my About page for more insight into my unique creative process. 

Intuitive and whimsical paintings. 

Visual poetry featuring blue florals.


bespoke bookmarks

shop hand painted


Life can often feel overstimulating and chaotic. Some days we could use a reminder to take a minute to breathe and be present, chaos and all. Let these blue florals be your escort to a more peaceful state of mind.

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