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When your Big Dreams feel very out of reach

Updated: May 8

On learning to accept your slow season

Sometimes our life circumstances force us to pursue our dreams at a slower pace than we want, which can lead to a lot of frustration. I’m at a place in my art business where I know I need to be churning out paintings and focusing my energy on outreach, but because I’m a parent and work a couple side jobs I’m left feeling very time-poor.

I love those aspects of my life, but they're also the very things gobbling up my minutes and hours and days which can create tension for me. Here's how I'm keeping myself motivated and reframing disappointment...

I created some Instagram content around this topic if you want to check it out!

Perspective is everything: ask yourself this question — “what is going WELL?” Take stock of the good things happening for you right now. This simple practice overrides our brain’s natural negativity bias and gives us some much needed perspective and breaks the pattern of low vibrational self-pity.

Productivity can take a back seat for a minute: yes, productivity is an amazing tool for knocking out that to-do list, but when it becomes the driving force of your life, you prioritize accomplishing tasks over everything else which ultimately leads to burnout, instead focus your energy on self care –

Nourish yourself: you are basically an adorable little house plant, have you had enough water today? What about sunlight? And did you eat lunch?? Don’t forget to connect with your friends, too.

Redefine what success looks like in THIS season: we are ever-evolving creatures so it makes perfect sense that our vision and goals should evolve too. What you imagined success to be last year may actually feel burdensome with where you’re at right now and all you’re carrying.

Embrace slow: if life’s circumstances are forcing you to slow down that’s probably the exact medicine you need right now, even though it feels limiting in the moment. Don’t fight the flow of what’s right for you in the present because you’re too busy rushing into your future.

Don’t give up on your dreams: it’s going to require some creative problem solving and a good support system. Take action where you can and give yourself permission to ask for help along the way. Your dreams are in you for a reason and the world needs what you have to give.

These are my tried and true methods for embracing slow growth (which is still growth btw). If there's something you'd add to this list let me know! Leave a comment or send me an email, would genuinely love to connect about this topic.


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