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"Your Greatest Gift", Original Painting, 4x6

"Your Greatest Gift", Original Painting, 4x6

Your sensitivity is not a weakness

it's your greatest power in learning how

to FLOW with the current of life.



This one's for all my empaths, my sensitive souls, and deeply feeling friends. The way you feel so deeply isn't a weakness, it's your superpower. Let sensitivity be the map that guides you through the wild terrain of life. 



Each painting from this collection has it's own affirmation that came through during my meditation and creative process. This painting's message is this: Your sensitivity is not a weakness, it's your greatest gift in learning how to flow with the current of life. 


"Your Greatest Gift" 

4"x6" unframed

watercolor, gouache, and raw pigment

on 300gsm archival textured paper



Please note: this artwork ships unframed, packaged beautifully and shipped in a heavy stock craft mailer (not rolled). 



Ships within 5-7 days of purchase + comes with a thoughtful How to Care for Your Art guide. 


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