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Organic Cotton

the Safe to be Seen collection

A limited collection of mixed media paintings about breaking through the cognitive dissonance of wanting to equally be seen and stay put in the comfort of your small hiding place, about stretching your wings and jumping out of the nest, and despite it all — finding safety in the 〰️ f r e e f a l l

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I take you on a deep dive into my creative process and how I view the world. I write about topics like finding capital R Rest in a capitalistic world, the cyclical nature of creativity, and finding harmony between all the things that pull at our energy and attention...

"If life’s circumstances are forcing you to slow down that’s probably the exact medicine you need right now, even though it feels limiting in the moment. Don’t fight the flow of what’s right for you in the present because you’re too busy rushing into your future."
excerpt from "When Your Big Dreams Feel Very out of Reach" 

Intuitive art for the intentionally curated home

Add some rich blue hues to your home for a peaceful and eclectic feel. 

Life can often feel overstimulating and chaotic. Some days we could use a reminder to take a minute to breathe and be present, chaos and all. Let these blue florals be your escort to a more peaceful state of mind.


In my blue period
& happy about it

I paint blue focused botanicals that embody the energy of Nostalgia & Belonging. My work revolves around themes of slow living, remembering the lightness of childhood, and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. 


meet the artist

Blue is my
happy place:

I'm Skye Como Miller, (the artist behind Indigo Skye) and I create fresh and playful blue floral paintings to remind us that in the midst of the chaos and struggle that life often presents us, there is still so much goodness and beauty to be found if we choose to see it.

The color blue helps us process our fears and any grief that manifests in this wild and wonderful life. Blue helps us express those deep feelings, but then ushers us into a place of joy and resolve. Blue is sky and water, it is peace and safety, it is midnight and dawn, both expansive and grounding...


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If you see the extraordinary in the ordinary, create meaning in things others overlook, believe in living slowly with intention, and desire Beauty above (almost) all else —  can we be besties?

We are definitely besties now.


How To Draw Flowers Like An Artist: 50 Simple Step-by-Step Line Drawings for Kids & Adults

Let an artist (Hi!) teach you how to draw sunflowers, roses, tulips, daisies, peonies, and so many more beautiful flowers while you read short poems, learn fun facts, and feel inspired by quotes from famous artists like Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. This botanical line drawing resource is one you and your child can reuse again and again. Watch how your skills improve each time you return to these floral tutorials!

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