Indigo Skye  by  Skye Como Miller

Intuitive florals for the
intentionally curated home



A tender and electric collection of paintings featuring bold summer hues, citrus and stripes, expressive splatters with a silver lining, and of course - blue and white florals.

blue and indigo sunflower and wildflower painting

In my blue period
& happy about it

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A Kind Wind: Blue Florals I

Meet the artist

Here's why I obsessively paint blue + white florals:

I'm Skye Como Miller, (the artist behind Indigo Skye) and I create fresh + nostalgic blue floral paintings to remind us that in the midst of the chaos and struggle that life often presents us, there is still Good to be found if we choose to see it.

The color blue helps us process our fears and any grief that manifests in this wild and wonderful life. Blue helps us express those deep feelings, but then ushers us into a place of joy and resolve. Blue is sky and water, it is peace and safety, it is midnight and dawn, both expansive and grounding...


Skye Como Miller artist behind Indigo Skye Fine Art

Find something unique for your gallery wall

Add some rich blue hues to your home for a peaceful and eclectic feel. 

Life can often feel overstimulating and chaotic. Some days we could use a reminder to take a minute to breathe and be present, chaos and all. Let these blue florals be your escort to a more peaceful state of mind.


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