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The Resilience Collection: Reflections on The Journey of Motherhood

Updated: May 8

Working on The Resilience Collection with Kelli from Hello Teddy Co over the last month has highlighted so much about Motherhood, mostly the fact that it looks different for everyone. Whether you want kids, have kids, or don't plan on ever becoming a mother, I can pretty much guarantee that you've embodied what it means to be a mom to someone. If you've deeply loved, cared for, guided, and helped nourish another being you've operated in that sacred maternal energy that we all crave deep down in our souls.

handmade polymer clay earrings with blues and pinks by Indigo Skye and Hello Teddy co

Flat lay from The Resilience Collection by Indigo Skye & Hello Teddy Co

A Peak Into My Personal Journey

In an effort to keep this post tidy and abridged, I can sum up my journey of becoming and being a mom in one word: Resilience – choosing to bend and not break when the hurricane winds of life blow, stretching your roots even deeper into the fertile soil of trust (despite your circumstances), and finding your people who can feel and heal and hope with you.

I became a mama for the first time in 2013 and honestly it was a very shocking and traumatic induction into Motherhood. This story is still so tender and raw that I can't bring myself to share it fully in my first journal entry. It was the best of times and the worst of times all rolled into one. My son suffered from Hypoxia during the birth which resulted in frontal lobe damage to his brain. To this day we are working to overcome challenges and diagnoses directly related to his TBI at birth. But he's a brilliant, happy kiddo with a loving support system behind him.

Since 2013 I've had two more healthy babies and also experienced two early miscarriages. My journey of Motherhood covers a wide range of experiences – from birth trauma to scary pregnancy complications to infertility and loss to raising a child with special needs. But Motherhood has also gifted me some of the most revelatory and transformative moments of my life and I'm blessed that at the end of each day I have 3 little humans to call mine and to love with my whole being.

indigo skye fine art family photo

Most recent family pic from our vacation to The Smokey Mountains in March

Fun Facts

• My husband and I decided on our daughter's name on our first date (and waited 10 years for her to come to us)

• I heard my firstborn's name in a dream

• I also heard my second son's name in a dream (and he's so proud of that and tells everyone)

• I did months of specialized fertility acupuncture and uterine massage between my middle and last baby and am fully convinced that's what helped me conceive for the last time

• My kiddos are 9, 8, and 3

• We are done growing our family :)

Meet Kelli from Hello Teddy Co

indigo skye fine art and hello teddy co
Kelli creates gorgeous hand-made polymer clay earrings. We recently teamed up to release a bold and stunning collection (The Resilience Collection) celebrating the vastly unique journey of motherhood. Jewelry from that collection is available on her website on Friday April 21st.

Be sure to check out Kelli's story on her journey towards motherhood here.


I can't help but to tear up reading along. I I look forward to hearing more of your story. 💙 It's beautiful and inspiring!


What a lovely blog, dear Skye! Your musings are always interesting to read, and I love to hear of your sweet and adventurous kiddo trio. They are so heartwarming and fun.. and you, the Willow Mother, bending her resilient branches to every wind and turn, roots miles into the ground, mild and present.

You have impressed me from the first minute we ‘met’. Your gentle and generous personality, your strength and ability to create and take action is so inspiring!

I love you. May your blog reach far. We all need your loving presence in our lives! 🙏🏽💙


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